The Digitalbeard Guide To Promoting Your Business Online

Google Ads Mistakes To Avoid | Digitalbeard

4 common mistakes you need to avoid when managing your own Google Ads account to advertise your business online. And tips on how to get it sorted!

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Can Inbound Marketing Help With Brand Awareness? | Digitalbeard

Is your offering ‘the country’s best-kept secret’? Research shows a lack of brand awareness has been one of the leading challenges facing businesses.

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10 Top Tips For Optimising Your Google My Business Page from Db

The 'Google My Business' page for your business is an essential tool for your business to increase your online presence and manage your brand reputation.

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How do PPC Ads and SEO Work Together? | Digitalbeard

Both SEO and PPC are very affordable methods which offer proof that you can help build awareness of your business over time with 4 key benefits.

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6 Questions That Will Reveal If Your Business Is CRM Ready

CRM is transformative in improving the way you can deal with customers, and can streamline marketing & sales, with flow-on benefits to your revenues.

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The Marketing Power of Chatbots | Digitalbeard

With over 20 billion conversations happening every month between businesses and users on Messenger: Messaging is the new frontier of marketing!

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How artificial intelligence will super-charge marketing | Db

Intelligent technologies are increasingly being employed to reach and interact with customers. It’s a trend that’s set to redefine effective marketing.

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