Can Inbound Marketing Help With Brand Awareness?

21 May 2019

To this day, businesses undervalue the power of effective branding for driving leads, inquiries, and increased sales. In fact, according to research carried out by, a lack of brand awareness has been one of the leading challenges facing businesses in all industries, in recent years.

Is it any wonder companies continue to assume the crown for ‘the country’s best-kept secret’?

Branding is a key factor in customer decision-making process

Particularly in competitive niches, branding remains one of the most powerful and important factors in your customers’ decision-making process. This is especially true of risk-averse, logic-driven clientele who value strong relationships and a name they can trust. In digital marketing, times and strategies change, but for all the flashy advertising and carefully constructed campaigns, these honest relationships still form the foundation on which complex industrial sales are built.

What has changed is how you go about constructing them in the first place.

Traditional consumer marketing methods such as cold calling and flyers have fast gone the way of ye olde’ horse and cart. Just as modern advances in administration improve efficiency in an office-based company, faster and more effective digital media such as Google Ads and Sponsored LinkedIn Content are filling that role ... And fast.

In the modern era, your brand is now much more than a business card: it’s the way potential customers perceive your company, and it’s something your online presence begins to communicate long before you speak a single word. The question remains, how do you do this? More than that, how do you do so without wasting time and money?

Inbound Marketing is dedicated to effectively creating and communicating your brand’s message. It’s one of the most powerful ways to engineer brand recognition and become a trusted name that attracts the right kind of visitor to your site, converts them into leads, and nurtures them into a sales-ready stage.

Got 2 minutes? Test Your Website.

1. Content Creation

It’s easy to dismiss content as just a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tool, but it’s just as powerful a modern sales development tool. Research by IHS Engineering360 has shown that buyers seek out content that informs their decision-making capabilities long before selecting a vendor. The more expensive the purchase, the more content they consume.

Company-focussed, specifications-heavy content is the norm within the industry, but it doesn’t differentiate your brand from that of your peers and competitors. Instead, self-educating buyers expect customer-centric content that convinces them that you and you alone understand their application, problems, and processes.

Inbound Marketing’s unique approach to content creation acts as stepping stones through the buying process, building strong relationships in the process. Whether it’s during the research phase with white papers, webinars, and blogs, or through highly specialised content when clients are ready to select a vendor.

2. Content Promotion

Build it and they will come’ is a classic turn of phrase, but the idea that customers will find you so long as you’re creating something of value works great in theory, but not so much in practice.

Unlike traditional methods, Inbound Marketing leverages your company’s selling points to build you up to the position of industry spokesperson and go-to expert. In other words, your business becomes the ultimate source of information within your niche.

Inbound Marketing also recognises that in order to effectively communicate to tech-savvy customers, you need to be able to be found where they’re looking for you. This includes your website, blog, search engines, social and industry media, as well as most any other channel your customers frequent.

3. Contact Automation

Getting found and placing your business’ content in front of customers’ eyes is only half the battle. Remaining in their hearts and minds long after they’re gone is where deals are done and sales are won. Doing so is much easier said than done.

Flyers, brochures, and other traditional manufacturer marketing methods are a costly, time-consuming way to foster future prospects. Integrated Marketing and CRM technology, on the other hand, are a match made in marketing heaven.

Forget the busy work. Automated technology remains a far more effective, efficient way to actively gather contact information, keep in contact, and move prospects through a sales development process to the point where they become sales ready. There are a few more effective, cost-efficient ways for communicating your brand’s message than talking directly to your audience via their inbox.

Build better brand awareness

Building and communicating your brand remains one of the most effective ways to drive qualified leads, inquiries, and sales, but advances in technology and an ever-changing customer base means old, outdated marketing methods are slow, costly, and largely ineffective.

Inbound Marketing brings your business up to speed, taking a holistic approach to creating, promoting, and communicating your brand to savvy and discerning modern customers that demand more before they sign on the dotted line.