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What Are Messenger Ads?

Facebook Messenger is an app that is used by 1.3 billion users across the world. It’s a no-brainer that it can be of huge benefit when used to create ads that start a conversation with your business’s target audience. A must-have in your online advertising strategy!

There are two ways Facebook Messenger ads present themselves. An ad viewed on any Facebook property that directs traffic to Messenger; or sponsored content that only features inside the Messenger app.

With Facebook being the giant that it is, a Facebook Messenger ad experience can be spread out across many platforms across the family of apps that Facebook owns.

Messenger Ads Can Appear In:

  • Facebook news feed
  • Instagram feed
  • Facebook and Instagram Story feeds
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Audience Network
  • And yes, Facebook Messenger

Why do we place ads on Messenger?

Great question! There are three key answers:


Closing a sale requires a conversation of sorts. Messenger is where conversations happen… so!!

In Real Time

On the whole, consumers would rather chat in real-time with businesses than talk on the phone or email.

That Can Be Automated

Businesses have the opportunity to scale conversations in Messenger thanks to chatbot automation.

If you need more numbers to showcase just how much room for conversation there is out there, 20 billion conversations happen every month between businesses and users on Messenger.

5 Benefits to Messenger Ads

Messenger Ad Benefit #1

Instant Lead Capture

It’s the stuff of awesomeness, right? Plain and simply, it’s the biggest reason why businesses should be leveraging messenger advertising.

When you send your Messenger ad traffic to an automation platform like MobileMonkey, which Digitalbeard uses for its chat marketing services, your business automatically receives a heap of contact information for all the people that strike up a conversation.

To give you a clearer idea of the lead contact data your business will receive by default from Facebook,this is what you can get your hands on:

  • First and last name
  • Locale (country and language)
  • Timezone
  • Gender
  • Profile photo

Now on the one hand, you could use a lead gen ad or a traffic objective ad to send Facebook ad traffic to a form where they (will hopefully) fill out the above details.

Or, you could automatically acquire it, without having to lift a finger, from anyone who starts chatting.

Which sounds like the smarter option?

Messenger Ad Benefit #2

‘Mobile Optimised’

Something we NO LONGER need to consider when building a landing page, is whether it’ll look just as snazzy on the 43 most common screen resolutions.

When Messenger is the post-click experience for your Facebook mobile ad, you can rest assured in the knowledge that the experience is 100% mobile optimised.

After clicking the “Send Message” call-to-action button in the ad, possible customers are transported right into their Facebook Messenger mobile app or desktop browser Messenger inbox.

From here, they see the conversation starter you designed for your ad audience, which can be as personalised as you like!
You’ll never have to worry about a form or landing page malfunctioning because of responsive design failings again.

The dream, right?

Messenger Ad Benefit #3


24/7 Automated Lead Qualification & Follow-up

One of the advantages of chatting with customers is also a setback. How?

There’s no doubt that one-on-one chat is invaluable when it comes to persuasion and converting sales. But one-one-conversations are costly to scale.

Realistically, the number of conversations a sales person can have in a day is limited by — well, time! There are never enough hours in the day …unless you can automate the initial lead qualification questions and lead nurture follow-up.

This is where another unique benefit of Facebook Messenger Ads comes in: the Facebook Messenger chatbot.

Messenger Ad Benefit #4

Personal & Relevant

Messenger is where conversations happen, and nothing beats a conversation for closing sales now and more in future!

Nothing beats being approached in a personable and warm way. Using peoples’ names is absolutely priceless when it comes to sales and marketing.

Remember, using Facebook Messenger automation, you can personalise conversations with default Facebook user contact information such as name and location. If you want to take it a step further, you can bring positive leads through a conversation flow that has been designed for what they need or are looking for.

Personalising a conversation is easy! Simply use a smart chatbot builder which will funnel users to different conversation dialogues depending on the responses they select.

Messenger Ad Benefit #5

2-10x Better

They’re 2-10x more efficient than other ads (and it’s been proven!)

At the end of the day, every ad is going to be judged a success or flop by these metrics: lead volume, cost per lead, and sales.

It doesn’t matter how much they’re talked up… they need to deliver on all counts in order to deserve their credit.

So here’s where Facebook Messenger ads win the title of the best ad going!

The unique benefits of Facebook Messenger ads include:

  • Instant lead capture
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Automated qualification & follow-up
  • Highly personalized & relevant

And when combined, all of the above will guarantee increased performance all-round for your business.

Messenger Ads with Digitalbeard

Facebook Messenger ads undoubtedly have huge advantages above other forms of advertising.

  • It’s so much easier to capture valuable information from people in Messenger, and it’s automatic!
  • The post-click ad experience is optimised for mobile devices and happens in chat - a space where customers would prefer to connect with businesses.
  • Lead qualification and follow-up is automated around the clock, saving your business the cost of hiring sales and support agents.
  • The post-click experience is highly personalised and learns more about your prospects instead of making assumptions.
  • Overall, these benefits add up to a huge performance boost in lead volume and cost per lead acquisition.
BD - AI + Human Ro Wh

We offer services to help manage and optimise your Messenger Ads to help your business be connected with more and more of the right people!

From creating your strategy and chatbot dialogues to launching your ads and monitoring their performance, we provide an all-in-one solution to advertising with Messenger Ads.

If this is sounding like something you’re keen to dive into, we’re always ready to introduce you to an experienced Db strategist for a one-on-one, no-strings-attached call.

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