How Do PPC Ads And SEO Work Together?

15 January 2019

The Internet is a dynamic place. You may find that your digital marketing strategy is out-of-date just one month after it takes off. That can make it difficult for any small business to make a large impact on their future customers. Two common methods used to generate traffic and promote conversions are SEO and PPC.

Search engine optimisation involves creating content that is easy to read and consume for website visitors and search crawlers. Pay-per-click is a marketing strategy where a business pays for advertising when a user follows a link to their landing page. Combining these two forces into one concentric digital marketing campaign can create powerful results. Here’s why.

To Sell Something, Your Customer Needs to Know About It

You might have the best product ever invented in the history of your industry. If no one knows about your product, then who will buy it? That is why marketing is important. It generates awareness for your products or services.
Without awareness, a brand-new business can find it difficult for an SEO effort to be successful. That is why combining a PPC effort with your SEO work is a critical component of your initial establishment work.
Both techniques work together to increase the viewership of your brand, business and message.

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Why Are Two Strategies Better Than One?

SEO and PPC are effective because you’re able to double the results a user will see when they create a search which involves your business. Google reports that 50% of clicks they receive on advertisements are not replaced by clicks on the organic results if no advertising is present. That means you double your chances of earning a click if your business displays as an advertisement and as a top search result.

Then there is the cost aspect to consider. Both SEO and PPC are very affordable methods which offer proof that you can help build awareness of your business over time. Although no marketing effort is guaranteed, if you focus on creating a dual campaign, there are 4 key benefits that your website gains – even if you don’t see higher traffic levels.

  1. Your website content will be able to connect with future customers on a personal level.
  2. Your links will make it easier to navigate around your website.
  3. Your site will have consistent branding on all pages and in your advertising creatives.
  4. You will reduce the number of dead pages that could affect your brand message.

These are all practices you can do on your own if you have the time and skill resources available to make things happen. Hiring an experienced SEO and PPC firm to handle these needs for you is a cost-effective method to increase the awareness for your brand as well. You must do something to market yourself. If you do not, then you may never be found. That is why SEO and PPC are such an important part of modern marketing.