10 Top Tips For Optimising Your Google My Business Page

6 April 2020

If you’re not already across it, Google My Business is one of, if not the most, beneficial online tool when it comes to visibility, brand awareness and getting found! Think of it as if your brand was wearing a high-vis jacket in a room full of people wearing black. However, as with everything digital, Google My Business (GMB) has rolled out new features quicker than most of us can keep up with.
Top ten optimisation tips:
  1. Keep your NAP (name, address, phone) the same as other citations (eg. directories) listed elsewhere
  2. Have a catchy ‘short name’ for people to remember you by
  3. Have a solid business description with all the best keywords
  4. Choose your categories wisely
  5. Provide flawless images to visually engage your audience
  6. Keep on top of the reviews (both encouraging people to give them, and responding to those already done)
  7. Use Google Posts (they’re basically mini blog posts) to update your audience with news and updates consistently
  8. Create a meaty Q&A/FAQ section to get on top of common customer queries
  9. Link all of your social media profiles to your GMB Profile
  10. Investigate the niche features for your particular industry (for example, restaurants could add their menus to their GMB profile or products for eCommerce businesses)

Treat GMB as your business buddy that’s going to shout your praises and send people your way online!